What is a Dating Coach?

What is a dating coach?

When I meet people and I share with them, that I am a dating coach the first question I am asked is, “what is a dating coach?” The simple answer is, a dating coach is someone who assists single men and women with navigating their dating and relationship life.

I take being a dating coach very seriously. To me it is an honor and I take great pride in being a dating coach. I enjoy introducing my clients to the positive side of dating and being a part of this positive change in their life.  As a dating and relationship coach I dive into the depths of my clients. I go beyond simply connecting my clients with people to meet. Everyone can meet people, but attracting and connecting with the people you desire to is a different story. Dating is a form of art. Many singles don’t know how to date either due to the lack in dating knowledge or skill which creates a lot of frustration, loneliness, and fear of “forever being alone.”  This is where I come in.

What is a Dating Coach?

I believe as a dating coach it is important to truly connect with my clients and understand who they are, where they have been, where they are currently and what they desire for their future.  A dating coach needs to understand the trials and tribulations that life has brought their client so the dating coach can truly understand their client’s frustrations. Combining this connection and understanding with my natural abilities, experience, and expertise, I am able to very quickly identify the road blocks that are slowing down my clients from achieving the relationship or dating life they desire.

What is a Dating Coach?

My dating and relationship coaching is customized to the needs of my clients. By being honest with my clients and sharing my expert assessment, together we explore the various options of services that are available and decide which is the best coaching service for them. I offer one on one dating and relationship coaching and have put together several Al La Carte packages of the most common services daters have requested. I also hold 4 and 6 week dating bootcamps along with monthly coaching programs.  There is no magic pill that someone can take to achieve the dating life they desire nor does it just happen. It does take a willingness to be open to exploring new approaches and attitudes towards dating and the opposite sex.  As their dating coach, I introduce my clients to a healthy positive approach that is proven and with a joint dedication I lead my clients to the results they desire.

What is a Dating Coach?

The environment that I create for my clients is safe, so they feel free to open up and share with me. I am non-judging and strive to truly understand my clients. Many of my clients have come to me with low self esteem, deathly afraid of rejection, and many had built walls around their hearts. I also have clients that do understand dating and need a marginal amount of assistance and coaching. No matter where a single person is at, if they are sincere in desiring a change to their dating life and are dedicated to it, I know I am able to help them.

Now that you know what a dating coach is, are you ready to hire one?


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