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Internet Dating The Gateway to Your Next Romance

I recently read an article from that was titled “Web Connection Raises Chances of Romance.” The article is written by Amanda Gardner and her article highlights studies that show that people who have access to the internet are more likely to be in a romantic relationship

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Dating Advice: Let Them Go!

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend that is single. He is frustrated with women and frankly angry with them. He was dating a gal that basically had several conversations with him that basically were break up conversations. In what he has shared with me, 

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Dating Advice Question: When Should I Ask to Call?

Dating Advice Questions: At what point should I ask to call, or should I wait for her to ask, respecting the fact that the internet can be a scary place to meet people? – JS Dating Advice – Strait Talk from Coach Kimberly JS, thank you for

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