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He Hit on Me: Lets Hear it for the Cat in a Hat!

He Hit on Me: Lets Hear it for the Cat in a Hat! This past Saturday, May 21st, I hosted a group of some of the finest single men and single women of the Twin Cities at the Guthrie’s Costume Ball. While many socialites of the Twin

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Managing Your Dating Expectation is Critical

In my blog “Dating Sucks! The Top Reasons Dating Sucks”  I speak about managing your expectations. There are several elements about dating I speak about; two of the most common are: 1) managing expectations, and 2) the importance of confidence.  When you can master these two elements in

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Dating Sucks! The Top Reasons Dating Sucks

As a dating coach I often hear from singles that “dating sucks.” At first, I was taken back as to how often I heard this. Then I started to smile and think to myself,  “and that is why you need me.”  Dating sucks when your approach to

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My Father’s 5 Dating Rules Every Women Should Break

Dating has become confusing for both sexes. My female clients often times question why men don’t ask them out. I hear over and over women sharing stories about how they went out and had this wonderful conversation with a man that they found attractive and then the

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Boost Your Self Esteem Through Your Fashion

Low self esteem effects a startling 95% of our population at one time or another in their life time. This saddens me because your self esteem is such a powerful element of your life. When you possess a high level of self esteem you become almost unstoppable.

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