So What, Some Men Like Younger Women – Get Over It!

So What, Some Men Like Younger Women – Get Over It!

So I am busting out my snark on in this post, the title I believe says it all. I do realize that not every single boomer lady is of the mind set I am speaking of and this post is not speaking to the majority rather to a minority. I am blunt, direct, and just being honest.  (Prelude to this blog)

Men are men and since the beginning of time men have liked women who are fun, filled with life, and are happy! What is very sad is that I have seen an increasing number of women in the baby boomer age range spending far to much time fixated with why men their age are only attracted to younger women. I would like to give you a bit of a clue why that is.

Yes, some younger women may have a better body and it can be a self-esteem boost for a man to have a younger women on their arm.  Yet, if you think this is the sole reason why “your men” are going after younger women, you are dead WRONG.

Younger women tend to be fresh, meaning they tend to be excited about life, not cranky and crabby about what they did not get or who did them wrong. They tend to still see life as possibilities. Due to the age difference there can be a built in respect that a man has not experienced before. Younger gals tend to listen more intently and pay attention to their stories and many younger women have a different perspective on sex then the older women and frankly guys really like that.  The younger women makes the man feel alive, young, desirable, needed, valued, respected and loved.

You’re not going to keep “your men” by locking out younger women from your groups, your conversations, or your life.  It is this type of “controlled” thinking that most men are running from. Competition is a part of life, even in dating. The sad part is the people who are complaining about this topic are usually either bitter women, because their x left her for a young gal or the gal who has lost her youthfulness and needs to work on her self-esteem and approach life with liveliness and joy.

If a man is divorced and has walked one journey for 10, 15, 20+ years with a mate that is his age, who can blame him for wanting to test and try all his options which includes younger women. Why is this so shocking?

If you want attention then you need to give men something to be attracted to. Give them life, a listening ear, an exciting sex life that they don’t have to beg for, give them positive energy, comfort them, feed their egos, show them appreciation, give them conversation that shows them your interested in what they have to say or are doing.  Dress up for them.  Keep your look updated and alive.  Don’t be one of  “those” 40+ year olds.  Try new things.  Let them know they are desired.  And for the love of Pete, check your baggage at the door! Be fun, happy and full of life! If you do these things and continue to do these things long after you have “landed” your fish, then yes you can compete with the best of them of them, even the younger ones.

Spend your time focused on improving the one person you can control and that is you. There are many advantages that a wiser woman has over a younger one but be wise and use them!

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