Prelude to My Blog “So What, Some Men Like Younger Women – Get Over It!”

Today, I attempted to join a Meet Up group that was posted as a 40+ group. I was removed from their membership after I submitted a request to be a sponsor for their group. The person running the group emailed me asking me how old I was. I didn’t even get a response back before my group membership was revoked. My instant thought was something I can’t share, but after that was something else I can’t share and then it was, “some older single women need an attitude adjustment and get a clue.”

When my membership was revoked I instinctively knew I was perceived as a threatening figure due to my age.  I was the young women that was going to “infect” the group and take the attention off of some of the older women in the group and heaven forbid an older man find me attractive. The segment of the email I share below from the women who runs the group confirmed my belief.

“Kimberly~  … women get upset when the group gets “invaded” by younger women, so that’s why we have to stick to the 40+ thing.  Women feel that everywhere else they go there are younger women preying on the older men… The XXXXX group is a safe haven for 40+ers!  Please rejoin when you turn 40!!!”

Here is the sad part, I am not in the group looking to date, I already have my “prey.”  I was looking to join the group to check out the group to see if it was a place I could send my clients.  Not to mention, write a blog to highlight the group because it seemed to really have some great events and it would be fun to make more friends if I were to ever attend them with my significant other. What I got in return was age discrimination and yet another example of a growing problem.

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