Online Dating Profile Pictures That Make You Shine

I Need a Camera to my Eye (I) by :Samantha Morris:


Singles that have online profiles with pictures are looked at the most. Singles searching these dating sites want to see the single person behind the profile. Often times single men and women will only allow search results to show dating profiles with pictures.

Single women tend to use psychology when looking at a single mans picture selection.  They are looking to  discover the reason why he picked that picture and try to pick up personality traits from it. While men tend to be more visual and they are looking to see if they are stimulated by the subject in the picture or not. Is she hot and sexy, cute and playful or old and dumpy?

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words and when you are actively placing pictures of yourself in your online dating profile there are some key rules to follow.

1) Your online dating profile picture should be clear

2) Your dating profile picture should be current (last 3 months) – If you don’t have any then get some!  If you have a new hair style, look, or have gained or lost weight your pictures should reflect that. So if you need to take pictures right now, then do it!

3) Your pictures should look the most like you

4) Post pictures that only have you looking your everyday best – Pretend it is your first date and dress and get ready as you would for your first date, look your best!

5) Leave your car, penis, and massive cleavage out of it!  – These are my greatest profile pet peeves.  There are sites that are for Sugar Daddy searches and adult fun. Keep these pictures for those sites. We don’t care what you drive and we sure want to discover your naughty bits on our own.

6) Flirt with the single man or woman on the other side of the lens.

7) Be confident – The camera will pick up confidence and confidence is sexy!

8) No negative or aggressive gestures

9) Leave the drinks, buddies, kid, bathroom mirror… out of it!

10) Ask your most trusted and brutally honest friend to assist you in picking your profile pictures.

You want yourself to shine and captivate the single on the other side, not only by what you write but by the photos you post. You are seeking your mate and they will find you beautiful and handsome just the way your are, but you do have to put some effort into it. There is no way to escape marketing, even in dating.  You need to do it.

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  1. There are many great tips in this Kimberly! I particularly liked your advice on posting pictures that have you looking your everyday best. A profile picture is more than just a photograph it’s a window into your life. That glimpse needs to reflect the best you it can!

    • Thank you for your comment Randi! Yes, looking your best is so important. Far to often when searching profiles I will see people just sitting in their lazy boy or women without their hair done and all though yes, you do want someone to appreciate you for who you are BUT you do need them to want to step through the door. Give them a compelling reason to contact your vs the hundred other possibilities. It is so easy to say NEXT!

  2. Oh you hit the bit about women using psychology when looking at single men’s pictures! Though I wasn’t conscous of doing it until I just read this. thx

    • Thank you Renee for your comment. Pictures can reveal so much and assist in determining how far you will take your communication.

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