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New Online Dating Class

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I am excited to share with you my soft launch of my new online dating class that teaches online daters the ‘how to’  of online dating. This is a step by step class that will help you be successful with online dating.

Over the next week I will be putting the finishing touches on my online, online dating class CLICK – The Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide to Online Dating version of my online dating boot camp which is the same curriculum I used to write my forthcoming book of the same name.


While I am finessing and tweaking the videos and content for the course to get them the best they can be I would love to offer some FREE COUPONS but before you redeem one I would like to ask you to agree to a couple of things.

Please Agree to Do The Following If You Redeem a CLICKPON

  • Take a moment to give the course a positive review
  • If you encounter something that you believe could be improved please send me a message directly instead of posting it as a review or on the site for the public to read
  • Be understanding of any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes – part of the final touches being worked on
  • Be understanding if a section is missing downloadable course materials – if there are missing course materials they will be up in the next 24 hours
  • Be understanding if some videos have a different look and sound then others – we are in the process of swapping out videos

Those are pretty easy requests right? Absolutely!

I am offering a limited amount of FREE coupons so grab your coupon now – click here! If there are none left then you can redeem an 80% off coupon here. Once coupons are gone… they are gone!

I have worked hard on the development and execution of this course and am passionate about making it the best it can be. Anyone

who received a FREE coupons who would like to show their appreciation and support by making a donation of what they feel the course is worth to them can CLICK HERE to do so. Thank you for your support!

Tip for leaving a review

You can give the course a 5 star review by selecting the stars at the upper right of the course and then you can add your positive reviews on the knowledge you learned and the materials that where shared with you.

Again thank you for your support. See you in class!



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