Online Dating Advice: 7 Tips to Writing a Captivating Online Dating Profile

7 Tips to Writing a Captivating Online Dating Profile

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Online dating and the ‘old fashion’ way both get results

I have gone rounds and rounds with singles debating whether or not online dating works.

Without a doubt I think online dating works and is one of the many tools singles should have in their dating tool box.

For the past 15 years I have been helping my clients, friends and family with online dating. Over the last decade not only have I used online dating successfully but so have those I have coach, as well as many happy couples I have met along the way. Now this does not mean there are some pitfalls to online dating, in fact there are many. These usually come from our lack of understanding how to use online dating to meet the type of person we are seeking.

To lead online daters through the twists and turns and to help them avoid the pitfalls of online dating I was inspired to write my forthcoming book, “Click – The Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide to Online Dating”. I am also writing more online dating advice articles to further help my clients and readers.

To kick off my online dating advice articles I thought we should start at the beginning. I am excited to bring to you over the next couple weeks 7 Tips to Writing a Captivating Online Dating Profile. You can find these 7 online dating tips here or you can have them delivered to your inbox by clicking here.

Tip #7 to Writing a Captivation Online Dating Profile

Keep Your Online Dating Profile to 200 and 300 words

Think of your online dating profile as the advertising copy. If the advertisement is blank then you would not find it credible. If it were long and windy then you would lose interest and move on – or worse yet not even read it because you fear it would take too long. Same is true for an online dating profile.

Like an advertising copy you want it to draw in the reader and you want to balance between sharing enough and not to much. I suggest above keeping the length of your online dating profile to 200 and 300 words however the sweet spot is 190 to 230 words.

Why is this online dating advice important for men?

Well boys, far to often you tend to write too little or nothing at all. I know, I know what to write, what to share and really do I have to!?! Yes! You are seeking to attract someone and they want to know about you. The only way they can do that is if you give them something of quality to read. Now over the next 6 tips I will be helping you figure out what it is you should be sharing, but for now focus on the length being between 200 and 300 words.

Why is this online dating advice important for women?

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Tips for Writing a Captivating Online Dating Profile

Lady’s your online dating profile is not the time to be Chatty Catty it is the time to be focused and deliberate with what you share and how you share it. You are not writing a novel. Your reader has an attention span of a gnat (no offense). Give them a small glimpse – think of it like writing them a 200 to 300 word forward and leave the rest of the novel for them to discover when they are dating you.

Where we will go from here

As I mentioned before over the next couple weeks I will be sharing with you a total of 7 tips for writing a captivating online dating profile. These tips are designed to attract the quality of single you are looking for and detract the ones you are not. You can keep checking back for the next 6 tips for writing a captivating online dating profile or you can request to get them delivered straight to your inbox for FREE and receive a bonus profile exercise to further help you – I am looking forward to helping you write a more captivating online dating profile!

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  1. lol Thank you for pointing out that people don’t have to write a novel in order to get attention. Concise and direct is the best approach I have found.

  2. The dating pool for me is starting to get smaller, and online dating seems to be one of my only options. It’s good to know that when it comes to writing a profile for one of these sites, that I need to be focused and deliberate. I love the idea of knowing that guys are actually looking at my profile and paying attention to what I have to say.

    • Online dating is an excellent tool that all singles should use when they are out there looking to date. But, remember you they’re still many other social and in person options to meet others as well. Be sure you are deliberate not only online but off line as well. Guys are paying attention where ever they are meeting you.

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