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If you are dating on the internet, you more then likely have experienced the internet daters with the chip on their shoulder.  Don’t be one of these people! If you are please, do yourself a favor and modify your approach because it is hurting your dating efforts.

As you date you develop a list of compatibilities. These compatibilities are what you want to highlight in your profiles and inbaa2288 - Hands typing on laptop by Ei Katsumata conversation, you ask questions that lead your potential dates to share about themselves. You listen to see if what they share is compatible with what you are seeking. If this is not the person for you then keep your head high and don’t become negative on the dating process.

Is it annoying to send pictures to people that don’t reciprocate? Yes!  Is it discouraging to send responses to ads that interest you and not have them respond? Yes! Is it annoying that at times you could receive solicitation for other services other then direct responses for your post? Yes!  Is it a waist of your time to have responses from people that don’t match what you are seeking? Absolutely!

The key here is not allowing these experiences to change your attitude. Dating can be work but it can be a lot of fun. Your internet dating ads and your conversations need to be positive, need to express what it is you want effectively and your reader will know by a well written ad what you do not want with out you stating it directly, and your conversations need to be warm and personal but also a mini interview with you listening intently to how and what they respond to.

You save yourself a lot of time and energy by being positive and taking a bit of time upfront to exchange effective communication that allow you to determine if these potentials are true possibilities and worth the time to meet.

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