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Minneapolis, MN Dating Coach Services

Kimberly Koehler, Dating CoachKK is the leading dating coach in Minneapolis MN that is helping single men and women across the Twin Cities overcome their dating roadblocks.

A personal note from Minneapolis, MN leading dating coach:

I welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you and explore if my practical real world dating strategies would help you achieve the dating and relationship life you are seeking. My focus is on assisting single men and women with building their confidence and empowering them with dating skills and strategies lead them to that special someone they are looking for.

As a successful dating coach in Minnesota I have learned that for most singles all they need is a little bit of guidance and they soar. I have made connecting with me very simple. You can fill out the contact form below or you can contact me directly.

Don’t be shy, let’s connect and take it from there.


Contact information for Minneapolis, MN Dating Coach Services

Phone Number: 612-568-3577
Email Address: KK@DatingCoachKK.com
Corporate office based in the Twin Cities Area of Minneapolis, MN

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