Managing Your Dating Expectation is Critical

In my blog “Dating Sucks! The Top Reasons Dating Sucks”  I speak about managing your expectations. There are several elements about dating I speak about; two of the most common are: 1) managing expectations, and 2) the importance of confidence.  When you can master these two elements in your dating life you will find your success in dating begins to soar.

Managing your expectations in dating is highly critical and the reason why is because it is a key to keeping your outlook on dating healthy and positive.  When you set realistic expectations you become less likely to become frustrated and hurt by dating.   Many single men and women have this idea that dating is supposed to be fair, dating is supposed to make sense and dating is supposed to be easy. Well, dating is not fair, dating does make sense if you take the time to learn to dance the beautiful dance of dating and dating is as complicated and as frustrating as you make dating to be.

When you are out there in the dating world expecting something out of something or someone you have never met or that has no vested interest in you,  you then run the risk of being disappointed. This disappointment can lead to the unhealthy behavior of building up walls and becoming closed to welcoming people into your life. You can become jaded and closed off to the countless possibilities, causing a negative impact in your dating results.

Prior to engaging fellow singles run through an emotional and mental checklist that highlights the positive reasons you are engaging singles and dating. Using affirmations tailored to being positive and uplifting about being single and that relate to deliberately engaging single and dating life in a positive manner can help dramatically as well.

It is important to remember that having realistic expectations about dating affects your attitude. You can be positive about dating or negative. Being positive and having realistic expectations will allow you to engage and connect with more singles. In the end having realistic expectations will make you happier and more successful at finding the relationship you desire.

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