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How to Be a Happy Single Person

Finding happiness as a single person can be incredibly challenging at times. It can be hard to find peace and happiness in your heart when what you long for the most is eluding you. Everywhere you turn it seems to remind you of what you want and what you don’t have.

There is a loneliness that can run so deep.  There can be that voice that pops up that speaks unsettling things to you like, “Dude, you’re such a loser” and fears that creep up about never finding someone and dying alone as the crazy cat lady.  At times you just want to yell as loud as you can, hide under your covers, and throw tomatoes at the next person who says to you,  “You’re such a great person why are you single?” You can feel frustrated and confused because you feel like you are trying everything you can to meet that  special someone. In times like these, it can be very hard to put a smile upon your face let alone feel true happiness; but it is not impossible.

5 Tips For Being a Happy Single Person

How to be a happy single person: Acknowledge what you do have

How to be a happy single person, Find Peace Being Single

5 Tips for Be a Happy Single Person

Set aside time each day to write down 3 things that you do have in your life that are awesome. These are things, people, experiences, personality traits… if you can think of it and it makes you smile … write it down. It is hard to fall into a trap of lamenting on what we don’t have and want if we are reminding ourselves everyday about what we do have that makes us happy.

How to be a happy single person: Always be expanding your circle

One of the greatest mistakes I see single people make is they set up their friendship circles and rarely work to grow them. Their friends may get married or end up in relationships and at times some people may be added to the group but more often then not people who become part of a friendship circle are due to pure dumb luck vs. through a proactive effort. Look to invest in the friends you already have but also carve out time to meet and make new friendships on a regular basis.

Tip for Being a Happy Single Person: Surround yourself with only positive, supportive, happy people!

How to be a Happy Single Person: Take time to sit still

Part of engaging in life is taking time to slow down, sit still and enjoy just the stillness in life. It is taking those extra moments and simply enjoying the view before you, savoring the sips of coffee, enjoying the silence and stillness of a quiet home. Instead of fearing silence learn to embrace and savor it.

How to be a Happy Single Person: Don’t Wait to Live

Get out there and LIVE! Stop waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come along to live. As a dating coach, when my new clients come to me one of the first things we do is talk about how they are living their life. One of the biggest things I tend to uncover is that many of them have big passions and dreams but they have them on hold because they want to share them with that special someone. The first homework assignment is for them to write down all the things they are wishing or wanting to do but are holding off till they are no longer single. Then we work on an action plan for them to get back out there engaging in their passions and working on the things they desire to do. One of the greatest ways to be a happy single person is by doing the things you love and doing them NOW!

How to be a Happy Single Person: Give Yourself Permission to be Single

Not only do we feel the pressures from society and the ones we love to be in a relationship but we also put a lot of pressure on ourselves. This pressure so unfair and can only allow negative, sad and lonely feelings to build. Let it be OK that you are single and make no apology for it to anyone, including yourself.

I leave you with this final dating advice about how to be a happy single person:

Being a happy single person is one of the most critical steps to attracting someone and finding love and is one of the hardest to maintain but I believe if you implement these tips you will be well on your way to not only surviving your time as a single person but also thriving during this period of your life. I believe in you – you can be a happy single person!

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What do YOU do to find “happiness as a single person”?
What tips have you tried to finding happiness as a single person?
What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to find peace and happiness as a single person?

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