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Are you finding yourself dreading the next couple of weeks? Just hoping you will get through them? You are not alone. Let me say that again, you are not alone.

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Over the past couple of weeks my social media accounts have been filling up with post from singles dreading the upcoming holidays. Their heartfelt posts share their pain and loneliness. I want to wrap my arms around each and everyone of these singles. I want to tell them they are not alone and help guide them through the next couple of weeks.

I know the pain, I know the frustration, and I know the deep sense of loneliness the holidays can bring. I have been there. The 5 quick tips in my Holiday Survival Guide are the same tips and strategies that I used and coach my clients to use today. For myself and those I have guided through these tips I have not only seen them be able to survive and enjoy the holidays but to also be able to use these strategies and tips throughout the year whenever these feels come creeping up on them.

You have found yourself here today looking for some answers, looking for some help.  My guide will provide some of that to you.

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About The Holiday Survival Guide

  • It is designed to be quick to read and easy to follow
  • You can starts implementing the strategies and tips today!
  • If you follow my advice you should be able to decrease the stress you are feeling and enjoy the holidays more
  • You will gain access to additional tips throughout the next couple of weeks that will help you build a solid foundation for your hopes and dreams for the new year

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