Halloween Party Tips for Singles

Halloween Party Tips for Singles

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Halloween Party Tips for Singles

October presents a variety of  Halloween related parties which gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. I thought before you hit the season hard I should share with you some Halloween party tips that every single person should be thinking about.

4 Halloween Party Tips for Singles

Look for Halloween Parties That Go Beyond the Costumes

Lets face it being single at Halloween can be great and Halloween costume parties ROCK but try to add some variety to your social mix. Look to attend not only Halloween costume parties but also look for events where singles are going to apple orchards, hosting pumpkin carving parties, fall leaf drives and end of the year bonfires.

By attending a variety of events you surround yourself with a variety of people and personalities. You may see some crossover of people which may help you feel more at ease going to an event and if it is someone you are interested you are positioned to apply some strategies to ask them out.

Choose Your Halloween Costume Wisely

In my popular Halloween costume blogs for single men and women; 5 Halloween Costume Tips for Women and Halloween Costume Advice for Men I share with you tips and advice on how to choose your costumes wisely. The reason this is important is because although you are going to a costume party it is important that you still put your best foot forward in creating a positive first impression.

For example:

Halloween Costume Tip for Single Men: No Blood, Guts, or Gory.  There are monster and zombie crawls that are made for this. Yes this is a very inexpensive costume and you can have a lot of fun with it however you are trying to attract someone. How can you attract them if you remind them of the road kill they just passed on the way in. The exception to this of course is if it is a zombie type themed party.  – See more tips at Halloween Costume Advice for Men

Halloween Costume Tip for Single Women: Leave the living room curtains and the bed sheets at home. It can take a little work to find Halloween costumes now days that are a little more then scraps of material that struggle to cover you up. Some take the desire to “cover it all up” to far by wearing what I best can call a festive tent. This choice in a costume can really play against you as it does not allow you to tastefully accentuate your body. You want to find the balance between revealing all and needing to send a search and rescue crew to find you in your costume. Pick a costume that is going to tastefully share with the world the unique you.  –  See more tips at 5 Halloween Costume Tips for Women

Go on Mini Dates Whenever Possible

Look for different opportunities to invite someone you have met at a party for a mini date at the party. What I mean buy this is look for an activity that you can invite a person that has caught your eye to join you in engaging. You would want to assess your environment at the beginning and make mental notes of mini date opportunities.


If you are attending a bonfire and drinks are inside you could make a point of talking to a person that has caught your attention by the fire around the time you would be considering a drink. As the conversation gets going and it appears you both are enjoying yourselves say something like “I need another drink, lets go inside and grab one really quick.” Start moving your body that direction and keep the conversation going.  This is a very confident and commanding energy and if the person is enjoying you they will join you.  While grabbing your drink continue to build trust and flirt.

Today’s final Halloween Party Tips for Singles is ….

Remember to Followup

Whether or not you had a mini date with someone at the Halloween parties you attend you should always followup with someone that you enjoyed your conversation with and are interested in. If you did not get their contact information at the party think of ways that you can contact them that will be comfortable to them. Often times the host or a friend will be happy to connect the two of you.

It is however always best to have planned some sort of followup with the person who caught your eye while at the party. Whether it be a casual comment and casually getting their phone number or email address or laying a foundation that would put them at ease of you messaging them on Facebook or finding them on LinkedIn.

Whatever your follow up method be sure to do it within a day or two of the Halloween party. In your follow up don’t forget to mention you enjoyed meeting them and ask them out.

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