Is Your Next Date Literally Right Around The Corner? – Go Mobile

Single? Hit the streets and try something new — Go Mobile!

Location based mobile apps are the fastest growing trend in social media. Examples of location based applications are FourSquare, Gowalla, Facebook’s  Places and Yelp.  These mobile location based apps are very popular because they allow for you to connect with complete strangers and share with friends your geographical location and what you’re doing there.  You can post pictures, write reviews, search for others in the area. What if you could do more?

It is one thing to announce to your Twitter & Facebook feed where you are but what if as a single person you were able to search for other available singles that were right around the corner from the coffee shop you were at right now. What if you could see their picture, read their profile and then if your interested invite them over to join you at your table for a cup of coffee?  Sounds a little scary but exciting at the same time right?

We’ll, these  location based mobile applications do exist. I believe we are going to start seeing a lot more of this style of  “dating” evolve and become popular in the next couple years.  Meet Moi and 4Singles are two mobile location apps that are geared towards singles finding other singles in real time that are open to meet if there is a mutual interest to do so.  So long,  email exchanges that go no where!  Hello stream line dating!

What I like about the concept of these services is the convenience factor.  I have been known to be spontaneous a time or two and I like the idea that if I decided in between meetings or on a Saturday afternoon or evening if I were out and about and desired to simply meet another single person, I can. I could invite another single person to join me to have a conversation and explore the “what ifs” or possibly go enjoy a mutual interest. I like that I now have another tool to put in my dating tool box –  I really like that!

On the other side of the fence I would be slightly concerned about my physical safety. To over come that I would probably check into the business location next to me or a few doors down. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t, I would have to see how my test runs on these site would be first before I would develop my safety MO.  I know that might sound silly. Nonetheless,  I do believe that there should be some thought put into making sure you’re as safe as possible.

When you think about it, all-in-all these location based mobile dating apps are not much different then online dating services. You would still post a dating profile and pictures of yourself that others would view. You would still be able to search through profiles of singles looking to date and see their profiles and pictures.  These location based mobile dating apps would just allow dating to keep up with the pace we are living our lives.

So what do you think?

Would you be adventurous and give a  location based mobile app dating site a whirl?

If you have been using a location based mobile app for dating I would love to hear about your experience and opinion of the dating apps you have used.  Please share!


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  1. How far we have come in the last 20-25 years. Back in the day when I was single in the 80’s I remember paying something like $500 for a dating service. You got 1 or 2 potential date leads a month. With the advent of the internet, it made it much more scientific to meet someone. Now with the advent of mobile apps, there is now apps for hooking up. I guess if you are adventurous enough, they could work, Great Article!

  2. Paul,

    Thank you for the comment and sharing your thoughts. It means a lot to me, I think we have so much we can learn from one another in the comment sections.

    Dating sure has evolved and there are SO MANY avenues people can take to meet people. I think it is outstanding to have these opportunities. It is even better when you know how to use these tools and are confident with your dating skills. I think often times you can have all the tools in the world at your fingertips but that tiny thing call confidence will stop you from using them and keeps a lot of people single longer then they should be.

    Thanks again for the comment!

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