Get Together at The Great Minnesota Get Together!

Minnesota’s State Fair has been a tradition for Minnesotans almost since the beginning of time. Leaving the Minnesota State Fair by mjkeliher Ok, ok maybe not that long but it has been the fair of all fairs for Minnesotans for many life times.  The Minnesota State Fair has much to see, touch, taste, purchase, and listen to. There seems to be just about everything and anything for almost everyone.  The downfall is it can get crowded, but with some planning you can mitigate your crowd battle.

Fairs can be a very fun and romantic place, especially if you visit them at night (my personal favorite time).  Typically, a fair like Minnesota’s state fair will bring back fond memories for people. Often times, it can bring out their more playful side and it allows you to interact in a manner that you usually would not.  It is very difficult to fail at engaging in conversation as  you get so much help by the activity and energy all around you. This is also a great opportunity to watch and learn a lot about the person you are on a date with.

[Explored] Minnesota State Fair by Mr.OutdoorGuyGoing to the fair at night has many advantages. Usually the temperature has dropped with the sunset and as the dark sky sets in the lights, the color of the festivities illuminate in their glory.  Although the fair is very busy with much motion and activity, you are given a playground of natural ambiance. From the sky rides, you are able to see the lights of the festival and on clear nights from some rides you are able to take in the skylines of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This back drop can be romantic and a wonderful setting for a first kiss.

Minnesota State Fair Helpful Links:

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Look for my future post when I go to the State Fair and take you on a short tour of some great places to visit!


What are your favorite activities at the State Fair? Share with us in the comment section below.



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