Dating Sucks! The Top Reasons Dating Sucks

As a dating coach I often hear from singles that “dating sucks.” At first, I was taken back as to how often I heard this. Then I started to smile and think to myself,  “and that is why you need me.”  Dating sucks when your approach to dating is off.  Sometimes it is timing.  Sometimes it is due to the venue or outlets you are choosing to meet other singles at or through. Most often though, it has to do with something that is completely within your control and usually it requires you to change. Yes, I said the dirty little word “change,” which I will come back to in a minute.

  • Dating sucks if you are not confident in yourself.
  • Dating sucks if you are still allowing your past relationships to impact your thoughts and emotions in a negative way towards dating
  • Dating sucks if you are unrealistic in your expectations of yourself, of the events that you tend, of the online dating site you belong to, and of the people you meet.
  • Dating sucks if you are a negative tired person.
  • Being single sucks if you have stopped living your life “until” you meet Mr. or Mrs. Charming.

Plain and simply, dating sucks if you’re allowing it to suck. Think about this for a moment: If you were to meet a member of the opposite sex that were exuding the above thoughts into actions,  would you find that person to be attractive? Absolutely undoubtedly unequivocally NO! So then ask yourself, are you exuding any of  these thoughts into actions. If so then you need to stop!

Many of my clients had no idea that they were sabotaging their dating lives through the actions put in play by their thoughts. Some where scared simply by the suggestion that they may need to change. I understand this fear, but we live in a world that is changing all the time and evolving into so something new. Think about some small, tiny little changes that you could make in how you think about dating, yourself, and being single. If you approach these thoughts in a positive manner you will start seeing your actions change as well. Now, lets face it, is it really that scary to think positive and to have that positive thinking positively impact your life? Of course not!

Dating does NOT suck. Dating is fun and is an exciting adventure. Dating is an opportunity to meet new people, try new things and develop new relationships – both friendships and companions. Don’t let negative thinking rob you of  this great time of your life. This is a time to truly explore, enjoy, and challenge yourself. It’s a time to discover new joys and passions and open the door to others to come along for the adventure.

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  1. Very well said!
    I agree, it’s all attitude!

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