Dating Safety Tip: Setup a Google Voice Number

Setting up a Google Voice number should be one of your first steps when you start dating. If you are already dating, setting up a Google Voice number should be at the top of your list when you get done reading this blog!

Men get tired of long drawn out email conversations. For most men, if they were given their druthers, they would meet after the first email interaction. This simply is not the pace for most women. Many women will keep email communication going because they do not want to give just anyone their phone number. Safety is a big concern and I agree it should be.

When you are meeting singles, men or women, through online dating sites, I suggest moving to phone conversations after the second or third email exchange. This is a good pace. You should be able to tell if someone is NOT the person for you by then and if that is the case, you need to tell them. If they are a maybe, moving to the phone should be your next step. Google Voice is a great way to keep you safe in moving to your phone date.

Google Voice has everything you need:

  • Safety
  • A FREE Phone Number – A digital phone number that is forwarded to any phone you desire it to and has the capability to forward to multiple phone numbers at the very same time
  • Personalized Voice Mail – This feature can be setup to be an independent feature or tied into you phone number. Google Voice allows your voice mail to personalize greetings for your calls. It is possible for each individual person in your phone book to have their own greeting.
  • Voice Mail Transcript Texted & Emailed – This feature will text and email you the transcript of your voice mail message. This feature does have a flaws however. You usually get the jist of the message and it includes the caller’s phone number and the audio version of the message.
  • Direct Call – Google Voice allows you to call someone from the system from any phone and shows the person you are calling your Google Voice number instead of the phone number you are calling from.
  • Block Calls – This is a great feature should you ever need it. If there is the off chance that you were to meet someone or come to contact with someone that needs to be blocked then you simply enter their numbers and poof their blocked!

Google Voice has a lot more features that you can discover on your own but I wanted to touch upon the ones that I feel are a benefit for daters to use to keep them safe and secure. Google Voice is FREE so go get your account right now!

Watch Google’s Video about Google Voice

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