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They are endless matches waiting for you online!

Do you find yourself confused, frustrated, or discouraged by online dating? Do you often wonder how someone normal like you can be on an online dating site looking for that special someone? So doesn’t it only make sense that there are other normal people there as well but… where are they? Are you tired of wasting your money and not getting any results?

I’m here to help!
  • I will save you time
  • I will save you money
  • I will get you results

I believe online dating should be a tool that every active single should be using. Often times online dating is overlooked or undervalued due to the lack of understanding how powerful it can be when you use it strategically.

I started dating online over 15 years ago and have perfected the Art of Online Dating. I have personally used the techniques I teach when I was actively dating and had huge success. I now teach these same techniques to my clients and they see overnight results in their online dating efforts.

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This Online Dating Course will Teach You:
  • How to write a captivating and effective online dating profile
  • The power of profile pictures and picking the right ones
  • How to write and respond to an “I’m interested” message
  • How to stop the hamster wheel of endless communications that lead to no where
  • How to set the stage for moving from online to offline
  • An overview of online dating sites and phone apps
  • Safety tips and tools every online dater should use

Stopped wasting your time…find love online!

Online Dating Class Testimonials

“I recommend this Boot Camp to everybody that is using or thinking of using Online Dating as their means to find a relationship, very helpful and at the end you understand much better how to use online dating. Definitely I recommended. Kimberly nice job.” – Miguel R


“Thanks Kim…this was a great class. The information you provided was very informative and enlightening” – Terri R.


“It was more than I expected. Very, very informative. Recommend it highly to those who want to get into internet dating or have been on it for awhile and want some answers about their experiences or expectations.” – Brenda

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