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Practical and Applicable dating strategies for Navigating the Dating Maze!

Thank you for your interest in working with me as your dating or relationship coach. I coach men and women around the world that are looking to put fun and excitement back into dating. My dating coach approach is practical, personalized and straightforward. I assist people in overcoming common roadblocks standing in their way of finding and attracting the type of love and relationship they desire.

3 of My Primary Coaching Offerings:

Dating Coach MN, Dating Sevices, Dating Advice, Dating Tips, PinPoint Session

PinPoint Sessions are one of my more popular coaching services.

These 60 to 90 minute coaching sessions zero in on overcoming 1 to 3 hurdles or roadblocks that you are experiencing. You drive the agenda and I bring my knowledge and skills.

Dating Coach MN, Dating Services, Datign Advice, Dating Tips, Dating CoachKK

Dating Mastery Program, Dating Coach, Personal Coaching Program

 3, 6, & 12 Month Dating Mastery Program

This is a set curriculum designed specifically for you. At the completion of the program you will be filled with confidence and energy. You will leave feeling empowered knowing you have a solid foundation of skill sets needed to succeed in the dating world.

 The MDating Coach MN, Dating Services, Datign Advice, Dating Tips, Dating CoachKKastery Program Entails

  • 90 min Private Coaching Sessions
  • 30 minute focus/follow up calls
  • 15/20 min follow up calls after events or outings we both attend during the program
  • Direct access to me via my private email, cell phone, & text messaging as extra support to you while you are out working the program – on, before, or after your dates and events.

THE INNER CIRCLE COACHING PROGRAM, Dating Coach, Dating Advice, Dating Services, Dating Coach MN

The Inner Circle – The Exclusive Month to Month Coach Relationship

This is an exclusive month to month relationship that is only offered to clients that have completed the 90 Day Mastery Program or have booked multiple PinPoint Sessions and have shown a commitment to achieving their goals.

With this month to month program I am in the trenches with you as you apply the dating and life skills you have learned. I keep you focused, moving in the right direction, excited, and energized.Dating Coach MN, Dating Services, Datign Advice, Dating Tips, Dating CoachKK

Offering A:
  • 1 – 30 min sessions (phone)
  • Monthly invite to singles events
  • Email and phone access to me as needed
  • Access to my private group of singles
Offering B:
  • 1 – 60 min session
  • 2 – 30 min sessions (phone)
  • Monthly invite to singles events
  • Email and phone access to me as needed
  • Access to exclusive singles group

Additional Coaching Offerings:

Jolt Coaching Session
This is an accelerated 30 minute coaching session for current or past clients that need quick advice or a jolt to keep them heading in the directions of their goals and dreams.

Personal Boot Camp Session
Personal boot camp sessions are private sessions of my classes, seminars, or  boot camps that are normally held with groups. The private boot camp is tailored to you. Sessions last between 90 minutes to 150 depending on the which session is chosen.

Introductory Session
Take the opportunity to meet with me and have me answer any of your questions. I want you to be confident and comfortable in your decision to hire me as your coach. So lets take a moment and chat.

Below is a List of Just a Few of the Areas I Successfully Coach My Clients In:

All of my coaching sessions are tailored to my clients individual needs.

  • Improve overall dating skills
  • Improve overall confidence
  • Update and improve physical looks and fashion sense
  • Improve first date skills
  • Increase the ability to build chemistry
  • Master online dating
  • Overcome shyness
  • Dating after divorce
  • Ensure your home is relationship ready
  • Improve personal lives to ensure a solid and stable foundations that is healthy and relationship ready
  • Assist in developing healthy relationship skills and boundaries
  • Improve the ability to attract men
  • Improve the ability to attract women
  • Improving the choice in men or women to date
  • Learn when and where to find Mr. or Mrs. Right
  • Dating as a single parent

How to get started:

The best way to get started is for us to have a brief conversation to get to know one another better. From their we will be able to determine if it makes sense for us to work together and which of my coaching offerings are a good fit for you. You can email me or call me at 612-568-3577 to start our conversation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have Additional Questions? Feel Free to Contact Me:

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