Dating Coach MN’s 5 Tips to ensure your friends are helping and not hindering your dating efforts?

5 Tips to ensure your friends are helping and not hindering your dating efforts?

When I was growing up my father would say to me, “Kimberly, you are known by the company you keep.”  I could hear his voice repeating these words to me over and over at an event I recently hosted. Several of my guests brought friends with them to the event.

You are known by the company you keep

Two women that joined us were good friends with polar opposite personalities. Stacy was brash, standoffish, and didn’t speak very highly of men while, Jennifer Dating Coach MN, Dating CoachKKwas mild mannered, a tad bit shy, with razor sharp wit and a very pleasant disposition. As you would initiate a conversation with Jennifer, Stacy would quickly jump in and dominate the conversation. As men would approach Jennifer, Stacy would quickly take them on a detour by either sharing negative opinion filled stories about men or embarrassing stories about Jennifer. You could see the interest in Jennifer quickly dissipate by how quickly they would exit the conversation and start working the room avoiding both Stacy and Jennifer the rest of the night.

Throughout the night I could not help but wonder what the night would have been like for Jennifer if Stacy was not there. There were several men that came up to me asking me how well I knew Jennifer and shared they were interested in getting to know her. I would encourage them to talk to her but once it became clear to them Stacy was leading Jennifer’s social card that night they quickly lost interest in Jennifer due to Stacy’s personality and actions.

5 Tips to Ensure Your Friends Help and Not Hinder Your Dating Life

Pick the Right Friend for the Right Events

The foundation of my coaching business is teach my clients how to be strategic with their dating efforts. One of the pillars I teach singles to do is pick events that speak to their personality. When you pick your events to match your personality and interests also be sure that you invite only friends that will also shine in these environments. This will increase the likelihood of you both radiating with positive energy.

Pick a Friend that Will Help Highlight Your Beauty

It is important to be mindful of how your friends speak of you. If they are constantly picking on you or you are the butt of their jokes then these are not the right “friends” to bring out with you when you are hoping to meet someone special. You will want to have the friends that only speak highly of you to others. They will be a living testimonial to who you are and their affection for you will be noticed and appreciated by others.

Invite Single Friends that are in the Same Healthy Dating Place as You

Like attract likes. When you surround yourself with positive healthy people that are in a similar dating place as you are you will attract fellow healthy single people.

Don’t be Dependent Upon a Friend Joining You

Yes, it is nice to have a friend join you when you are venturing out to meet a new group of fellow singles however do not let this be the deciding factor on whether you are going to participate or not. You need to be a confident single standing on your own two feet and should not need to have the security of a friend.

Be Just a Little Bit Selfish

I have had to teach many of my clients to be just a little bit selfish with how they spend their time. There are many singles that spend a lot of their social time engaged in activities or environments that are not conducive to them actually meeting someone that matches what they are looking for. When this happens they spend more time living for other peoples needs rather then their own. I suggest that this week or month you sit down with a calendar and block off first the events or activities that you desire to do that will maximize your dating efforts and then with anytime left choosing which social events of your friends are most important. You only have so much free time so be deliberate with how you spend it.

Avoid being judged by the actions of your friends

As we are getting to know people there are an assortment of variables that we use to form an opinion of them. You may be compelled to invite your fellow single friends to join you on your single life adventures. This can be a very good thing but it also could possibly hinder your dating life. Right or wrong, good or bad, you will be judged by how you interact with your friends and how together you will interact with others you meet. The next time you go out ask yourself, “Will this friend help or hinder my dating efforts?”


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Dating CoachKK, Kimberly Koehler is the leading dating and relationship coach in Minneapolis, MN who helps men and women globally. As a renowned coach and professional speaker I bring you practical and applicable strategies and solutions to the most common dating and relationship struggles. Date smarter, have stronger relationship and join me as we navigate the dating and relationship maze.

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