Dating Coach MN: Dating CoachKK Leads Another Single Through The Dating Maze to Love

Dating CoachKK Leads Another Single Through The Dating Maze to Love

Recently, I received a couple of exciting notes from Nicole, a client of mine that I worked with for roughly 5 months last year. Nicole is a brilliant, attractive, well-educated lady, with a big heart that can tear it up on the dance floor. She gained a very special place in my heart right from the start.

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In our first conversation, Nicole dug deep as she shared with me her heartbreaking journey that led her to reaching out to me. She was in her early 30’s, had very low self esteem and didn’t believe anyone would truly love her. Nicole believed she needed to be thinner, less nerdy, younger, and have more dating experience in order for her to truly attract a quality man. To top it off she was very concerned that if she didn’t figure it out she soon she would screw up the rest of her life by not ever having a family and she would grow old alone.

Together we walked her down the road of confidence building, self love, and trust in herself and others. She worked hard and after 5 short months of working together we sat outside of a cafe celebrating the beautiful woman she is and the love she found.

Dating CoachKK Helped Lead Another Single Woman to Love Yet Again!

Note #1

“Hi lady!

… Being super busy and very happy is not conducive to getting me to the gym, so I have put on a few pounds, but I have stuck with the habit of buying clothes that make me look awesome now, rather than waiting for weight loss to let myself spend the money.  …

I’d definitely like to get together and catch up.  There have been so many changes since you saw me last.  For one thing, James* and I are moving in together next month :D!  And we’re looking to buy a house together shortly …

Note #2 a little more than a month after the first note.

“… Speaking of Spain, on Friday night James planned a romantic picnic at the top of Park Guell (a beautiful Art Nouveau park I love), and when we got there, he proposed! I’m engaged!!!!!”

Being Minneapolis MN’s leading dating coach and helping clients locally and across the globe is an honor

It’s an honor and joy to lead my clients through the roadblocks that are preventing them from living the happy and healthy lives they desire. In order to find great love, you need to be the happiest and healthiest you that you can be.  The journey I travel with my clients spreads far beyond teaching my clients what to do on a first date or how to ask someone out. I am grateful for clients like Nicole who welcome me on their journey and trust me to guide them to achieving their goals.

Nicole, I am so happy for you and James. I look forward to attending the wedding.

Keep ROCKIN’ it!

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