Dating Coach MN: Dating Advice – 7 Gift Giving Tips

Dating Advice: 7 Gift Giving Tips

Dating Advice: 7 Gift Giving TipsToday’s dating advice is about gift giving.

Recently Todd one of my dating coach clients gave me this necklace as a token of  his appreciate for not only being a kick ass dating coach to him but also for being a great friend.

Todd’s gift inspired me to write this article. His gift was perfect because he paid attention and whether knowingly or not he applied some of these gift giving tips.

Dating Advice: 7 Gift Giving Tips

Pay attention

From the first moment you meet someone you should be paying attention to them. You should be taking mental notes of the things they are most passionate about whether it be places, people, pets or activities that they enjoy it doesn’t matter; what matters is that you are listening for things they enjoy and taking note.  You can use these mental notes for conversation starts and further down the road when you are shopping for a gift for them. Picking a gift that has some sort of personal tie back to them is a big win for you.

What color is it

Find out what their favorite color is. Most people have a favorite color and for those that can’t seem to tell you which is theirs then ask them, “what color is the shirt that you get the most compliments on?”  Then ask them if they like that color. Most often we associate colors with feelings or memories. When you are out shopping for gifts if you can pick them in the color they like the best then you are off to an excellent start.

What are their style signatures

Pay attention to their style. Do they have something that is a style signature? Do they get their nails done, is their a brand they wear all the time, a belt they seem to like, a tie color, a necklace style, a gem or stone they wear a lot. Many people have a style signature either knowingly or not and are drawn to accessories or articles of clothing that incorporate this signature.  The necklace Todd gave me was perfect for me because I wear pearls almost everyday. It is one of my style signatures. If you look closely you will notice a pearl necklace in almost every one of my pictures. A few more of my signature styles are hats, a deep pink flower, and a double bow ring.

Give from the heart

Giving gifts should come from the heart not out of feelings of obligation or worse yet out of desire for something in return. You should be giving a gift because you simply desire to give a gift… nothing more, nothing less.

How appropriate is it

When you are picking out your gift pause a moment and ask yourself what message might this gift send. You should not only consider if the gift is sending the message you desire it to but also is the timing of the message appropriate. If you are new to dating someone then pick a gift that would be appropriate for a friend. If you are in a more serious dating relationship then buy something that shows more sentiment.

Where is the price tag

Not only should your remember to take off the price tag but also don’t tell them how much you spent. There is no greater buzz kill then seeing that orange or red sticker on your gift. Giving them the gift receipt so they can exchange for size or get it replaced if needed is cool but don’t give them the actual receipt with the price.

Keep the coupon or on sale story to yourself

No one wants to know you were a “saver” when you bought their gift. Again… buzz kill! This is called romance and no where in any of the romantic stories out there did Mr. or Mrs Right buy a gift on the half price rack or off of Groupon. This doesn’t mean you can’t it just means you don’t tell them you did.

How these 7 gift giving tips knock it out of the park

Todd’s gift to me was not given to me because we are dating nor was he trying to make a move on me however what he did do was make a statement that I have impacted his life. In his token of appreciation and thanks he also showed me he was paying attention.  He warmed my heart and added inspiration to my determination to keep doing what I love to do because I do know I am positively impacting peoples lives and making a difference. Now think about it, if a friendship gift can do that, what impact do you think your thoughtful gift will have on the heart of the one you are dating.

Be mindful in your gift giving, make it thoughtful, make it personal to the person you are dating, make sure it is appropriate, and be sure it comes from the heart. If you follow my dating advice and these 7 gift giving tips… you will knock it out of the park!

About Dating Coach MN:

Dating CoachKK, Kimberly Koehler is the leading dating coach in Minneapolis, Minnesota who helps single men and women not only locally in the Twin Cities but also nationally and globally. As a renowned dating and relationship expert and professional speaker I bring you practical and applicable dating strategies and solutions to the most frustrating dating struggles. My passion is to leading single men and single women through the dating maze empowering them to achieve the dating life they desire. Contact me today to find out how I may be able to assist you 612-568-3577


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Dating CoachKK, Kimberly Koehler is the leading dating and relationship coach in Minneapolis, MN who helps men and women globally. As a renowned coach and professional speaker I bring you practical and applicable strategies and solutions to the most common dating and relationship struggles. Date smarter, have stronger relationship and join me as we navigate the dating and relationship maze.

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