Dating Advice: 3 Reasons Why Single Men Should Give Compliments to Women

Dating Coach MN - 3 reasons why men should give compliments - dating advice for menDating Advice for Men

I have gone round and round with my single male clients that argue with me about why they think giving compliments to women while on dates is a big mistake. They recite lines from the male’s dating bible for picking up HOT CHICKS that they are supposed to become these dickheads who are cold and callous. Heaven forbid a single man shows any sign of vulnerability as then they must surely be a wimp.

Here is the truth… women want compliments. Not only do they want them, they appreciate them. Now that is not saying they know exactly what to do once they receive one however that is another story and out of your control. What they don’t want is insincere compliments. They don’t want compliments that convey “hey baby, I want into your pants”. Women see right through those “compliment” as they truly are not compliments what those “compliments” are, are a false “game” you are playing to get them to notice you.

3 Reasons Why Men Should Give Complements:

It’s a sign of confidence:

People who are not comfortable or confident in themselves have a hard time complimenting someone else. When you compliment someone it shows that you are comfortable and confident in expressing yourself. Women want confident men that are not only strong in but also sensitive.  Confidence is sexy and turns women on.

It’s a sign you’re paying attention:

Women love men that pay attention to their efforts. Most often when women go out with their friend or on a date they spend hours and even days thinking about what they are going to wear, how they should do their hair, should they get their nails done, what shoes should they wear, and that is just the start of their list. When a man compliment these efforts or personality traits women really appreciate them and will brag to their friends about how great of a guy you are because you pay attention and notice them… something that will make their married and single girlfriends jealous.

You instantly rise above the rest:

As I mentioned above women are craving sincere compliments. Men are reading over and over articles and books by young “players” that are teaching other men how to “pick-up hot women”. These books teach men how to ignore women, how to make a women crave for their attention and with some women and young women this will work however with confident, emotionally and mentally healthy women this will not.

Quality women are seeking quality men. A quality man will be confident and comfortable to give a women a sincere compliment that is more then telling her she is pretty or hot.  Due to so many men not complimenting women the ones that due and due it well stand out in the crowd and will get a women’s attention, the key though is authenticity and sincerity.

Listen to my dating advice

So single men out there listen very carefully to my dating advice… by confident, be authentic, be sincere and learn the art to complimenting women!

About Dating Coach MN:

Dating CoachKK, Kimberly Koehler is the leading dating coach in Minneapolis, Minnesota who helps single men and women not only locally in the Twin Cities but also nationally and globally. As a renowned dating and relationship expert and professional speaker I bring you practical and applicable dating strategies and solutions to the most frustrating dating struggles. My passion is to leading single men and single women through the dating maze empowering them to achieve the dating life they desire. Contact me today to find out how I may be able to assist you 612.568.3577



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Dating CoachKK, Kimberly Koehler is the leading dating and relationship coach in Minneapolis, MN who helps men and women globally. As a renowned coach and professional speaker I bring you practical and applicable strategies and solutions to the most common dating and relationship struggles. Date smarter, have stronger relationship and join me as we navigate the dating and relationship maze.

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