Dating Advice: Let Them Go!

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend that is single. He is frustrated with women and frankly angry with them. He was dating a gal that basically had several conversations with him that basically were break up conversations. In what he has shared with me,  it is clear to me that the gal feels bad that she isn’t “feel’n it,”  but the long and short of the matter is that she isn’t “feel’n it.”  I would be lying, if I said this was not some form of rejection, and we all know it really sucks, but you need to simply walk away and move on.

No matter how much you think you are right for someone or how much better you think you are for them than someone else, your opinion and feelings are not going to change the other’s feelings on the matter.  When someone is no longer wishing to see you, they have their reasons. If you would like to have a friendship conversation and sincerely ask them what it is that they see or feel that makes you not compatible that is fine. In that conversation, if you desire to ask them what you could improve on to make you a better companion for someone else, that would also be fine. What you don’t want to do is try to “sell” them on why you are so great for them, after the fact.

Far too often both men and women try to show or teach someone how great they are for them or worse yet start insisting they will change so they can be their ideal partner as soon as they get the feeling that the other person is “not  into them”.  The hard fact is all your hard work into yourself should have been done before you went on the first date with the person, along with sincerely putting your best foot forward with each and every interaction with them after the first date.  If they feel or believe your not the best person for them, you need to swallow your pride and ego and let them go. The worst thing you can do is chase them, yell at them, argue with them on how they are either wrong about you and try to to convince them to continue to see you. Successful dating leads to a relationship because the two people  independently desire to see and be with the other.

Life is far to short to chase someone that is not into you.  Let them go. Pause a moment and take inventory on yourself; who you are, what type of person are you desiring to be with, make any needed self improvements, get involved with the right situations to allow you to meet your possible mate/companion and dive right in!

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