Dating Advice: Does your bitterness bite you in the arse?

Describe the Opposite Sex in 3 Words

Dating Advice, KS95, Moon & Staci, Discribe the Opposite Sex in 3 wordsLike many of you I just came from Facebook and was inspired to write about the impact bitterness has on us. We all have seeing posts of those with dating and relationship woos on one social media outlet or another but today my eyes enlarged and my jaw dropped as I read the responses to a Facebook question, “Describe the opposite sex in 3 words…” posed by KS95’s radio personalities Moon & Staci (they ROCK).

Do you wear your emotional state for the world to see?

Like little fish 67 people (and counting) bit and gave an ever so telling exposure to their emotional state as a single person or one in a relationship. There were a whopping 11 or 12 people who had something loving to say about the opposite sex with many of the remaining men and women alike screaming their bitterness towards the opposite sex.

Could you be the one responsible for your woos?

A Facebook post like this is geared to stir the pot and bring out the emotions but I wonder if these responders understand the silent impact their expressions of discontent have on their dating and relationship life. Do these single men and women (some may be in relationships) know that they are the person that is impacting their dating and relationships happiness the most and not the one their bitterness is directed towards?

I leave you with this dating and relationship advice:

Love, dating and relationships are a gamble. If you want to experience great love then you need to be vulnerable, open and understand great disappointment, hurt and pain can come with it too.  You may have earned the right to be hurt, the right to be bitter and the right to feel as you do but do you know how powerful those feelings are in effecting your happiness.  Not all members of the opposite sex are evil nor does anyone deserve to be held hostage to the faults of another. You may not be ready to date or for a relationship but the soon you are able to turn your thoughts and words you speak around from bitterness to happiness the sooner you stop biting yourself in the arse and the closer you get to healing and happiness.  Be conscious and deliberate in your thoughts, words and actions. Ask yourself who do they serve me and my happiness or is it noise I am making to get in my own way?

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