Date Idea, Volunteer your way to variety!

Coming up with fun and creative date ideas can be challenging but it is important to push yourself to do so.  One of my favorite activities is volunteering. I believe there is much I have to be grateful for and I find it to be very fulfilling to give back to others. Have you considered the idea of volunteering and making a date out of it?

The Twin Cities metro area has countless organizations and outstanding events that you can volunteer with directly or indirectly. You can discover new passions or enjoy events that you may not have known exist had you not volunteered your time. By asking a date to join you on your volunteer adventure it allows them to see a soft and often times very attractive side of your personality while not leaving you too vulnerable. You will have opportunity to work together and it should provide for conversation material if you need any.

Type of Events You Could Volunteer For:

  • Charity Golf Tournaments – You can be a golfer or a behind the scenes person
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Political Volunteering
  • Being an Usher for Live Theater or Concerts
  • Set Up/ Tear Down for Charity Events (often times comes with free admission to the event)
  • Volunteer at the Zoo
  • Activity Clubs
  • Religious/Spiritual
  • Nature/Parks/Lakes
  • Galas, Wine Tastings, Theme Parties

There are several ways to find events to be involved in. I personally like looking through online Twin Cities publications like the Minnesota Monthly that has a great charitable event registry. If you find events you are interested in attending you can contact the event and ask to volunteer. I also like joining groups that are dedicated to volunteering but give you variety and do not require a commitment of time outside of what maybe needed in association of making the event happen and then the event itself. When using volunteering as a date idea you should really stick to something that would require a one time appearance.

There is a local volunteer group called Single Volunteers of the Twin Cities (SVTC) and their events would be the ideal setup for the style of events that I am speaking of. They have variety, they require you to be there for the event you sign up for and that is it.  They have a very simple “membership” process.  SVTC‘s  site is not “sexy” but it is easy to navigate and lists all their events.  This is a singles group, which does not mean you can’t suggest volunteering with this group as a date idea but it does mean you should be sure to communicate that is a singles group.

The next time you are stumped for date ideas I would strongly recommend you do some research for volunteer events and ask your date to step out on a limb with you and volunteer. It just might be the best date you have!


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