Confidence is Sexy!

If you were to ask men, “What is sexy?” for most men the number one response would be “confidence is sexy!” Women who exude confidence in themselves tend to carry themselves well, have a solid walk, and generally capture the attention of men effortlessly. Confident people have an energy that is attractive to be around. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you are comfortable and confident in yourself, not only for success in dating, but also because of  the positive energy it brings to your life.

Confidence IS NOT arrogance. Confidence IS a combination of  knowing who you are, believing in yourself, knowing and believing in how you look, liking and loving your body, and knowing of what makes you so special. The reality is even the most confident women you know have flaws. They have aspects of their body or life they do not like as there is no such thing as a perfect person, life, or relationship. The difference between confident women and women not confident in themselves or aspects of their life is that the confident persons has transformed the “sale” of their positives to a true belief in them. Their confidence has become a part of them.  They believe in the positives and spend their time and effort in exposing the rest of the world to them.

“Confidence IS Sexy!”  Everyone notices the beauty in a confident women and that is sexy!

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