The Key to Compliments

I had the privilege of meeting Christian many years ago. One evening when we were on the phone sharing and learning more about one another he made a comment that I thought was odd at the time. He shared with me that he only gives compliments if he means them. This comment led to a great discussion where I believe we both learned much from one another. His communication allowed me to know that he didn’t freely give complements but when he did they would be sincere, heart felt, and truthful… the only kind there should be.

It should come at no surprise to you when I say people like compliments. Yet, pause a moment and ask yourself  “When was the last time you gave a sincere compliment?” A so so compliment can leave someone guessing is this person sincere or real. Worse yet,  no compliment at all can leave someone guessing if there is even an interest. While a compliment that is taken a simple step further can warm the heart to just about anyone.


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So, So Compliment:
Hey, I really like your shirt.

Taking it a Step Further:
I really like that shirt, it really brings out the blue in your eyes.

So, So Compliment:
You look really nice today.

Taking it a Step Further:
You look really nice today, I like how you styled your hair. You look beautiful.

As you see, when you take a compliment further, what you really are doing is clearly communicating to them what it is you really like about them. You notice and acknowledge their effort(s) and you inspire them to keep it up. Little actions like this are invaluable. Just think of the beautiful smile(s) you put on their face that you get to enjoy.

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