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Dating Coach MN Fan Mail from Brandon

Client Testimonial: Fan Mail From time to time Dating Coach MN and Dating CoachKK will receive fan mail from readers, which I will be honest truly makes my day and sometimes my week. I thought I would share this wonderful note I received with you. The Fan

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Ask the Expert: What the hell does “I’m too Strong” mean?

Ask The Expert Question: Dating Coach KK, “I have been told by some men that they do not find me attractive because I am a strong, intelligent woman who doesn’t really need a man. Even if that’s true, wouldn’t that be MORE appealing? That I enter a

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Ask The Expert: Where can I meet men my own age? (30-40)

Ask The Expert Question: KK, Since I tend to attract men 20-30 years older than me, you suggested that I go to where younger guys hangout so that I have a better chance of attracting a younger guy (which would be a guy around my age, i.e.,

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Dating Advice Question: When Should I Ask to Call?

Dating Advice Questions: At what point should I ask to call, or should I wait for her to ask, respecting the fact that the internet can be a scary place to meet people? – JS Dating Advice – Strait Talk from Coach Kimberly JS, thank you for

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