Boost Your Self Esteem Through Your Fashion

Low self esteem effects a startling 95% of our population at one time or another in their life time. This saddens me because your self esteem is such a powerful element of your life. When you possess a high level of self esteem you become almost unstoppable. People notice, people pause to  say and think  “WOW”.  You tend to attract people in droves and leave them with a positive lasting impression. The opposite is true of those with low self esteem.

Yesterday, I had the honor of hosting our first exclusive after hours fashion make over event at Lane Bryant. I cannot wait for our next one on Dec 15th .  What I saw these women experience warmed my heart and reinforced my passion and mission for raising the self esteem in others. I took these women through the journey of understanding their body type and how to best dress themselves by understanding cuts, fabrics, and colors.  Each women learned the importance of a properly fitted bra and had their own personal bra fitting. As the night progressed the excitement and energy in these ladies raised and they hit the dressing rooms ready to find items that made them look great!

I witnessed shy personalities pop out of their shell because they were feeling beautiful and they walked with their heads held high. The smiles upon their faces beamed and their beauty shined. This was all contained in a dressing room, just imagine if we had took it out on the town after, would men notice, hell yes!

How you dress is a visual marketing message to the world and yourself. Not only is our psyche effected by what we say to ourselves it is just as powerfully impacted by how we dress ourselves.  When you are looking through your closet each morning and looking for the outfit for that day ask yourself, “If I were featured in a magazine in this outfit, which magazine cover would I be on?”

No matter where you are in life, with a little bit of time and effort you can put the right items in your closet. If you are unsure of how to dress your body and or confused by what is in or out then simply ask for help . It is very easy to have a closet of diverse outfits that will have you walking around each and every day with your head held high and a smile upon your face knowing you look great!

What are your thoughts? What are your favorite tips to boost your self esteem? Do you find that how you dress does impact your mood for the day?

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