Baggage is a Reality, Accept It, Work On It and Move Forward!

Life is a very interesting journey and often times it seems to have more in store for us then what we have planned. With the current economic struggles, many single men and women are experiencing added stress in their dating lives.  There are very few people that travel through their life without picking up some emotional or relationship scrapes and bruises. “Baggage” as we seem to love to call it can be unkind and brutal at times to overcome, however it is important if you are dating that you are working on putting your baggage behind you.

I have had more conversations with men lately that are convinced that there is no way a women could find them attractive in their current state. Their concerns range from being a single parent to recently going through career changes. Some have had a few more complicated items that they needed to take care of, but what seems to have resonated within each of these men is that they believed no sane women could be remotely be interested in dating them.

Tips to Make Your Issues Non-Issues:

  • Be positive
  • Take responsibility for them
  • Face them head on
  • Don’t live in the past or in the moment that the issue occurred
  • Demonstrate your baggage is not their baggage

It is true most women seek stability and security, however that does not mean women have a lack of tolerance or understanding. Many women want to see that men are responsible to their obligations and follow through with their commitments and if they hit a stumble in their life, they want to see that they are being responsible today.

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