Are you hearing voices? What do they say?

There is a voice that exists in each and everyone of us. This voice when we truly listen to it does not lead us astray.  However if you ask any man or women about their past dating life you will hear stories of them deliberately ignoring this voice. It is natural for us to desire companionship but it should not be at a sacrifice to what you truly desire and deserve.

Intuition is your best friend!  Intuition will never lead you astray and when we are dating we need to stop and listen to it. Single men and women will justify or make excuses for their chosen companions when they start to have conversations with themselves. Their intuition will kick in and unfortunately there are times they desire companionship or a relationship with someone so much that they will make ever excuse in the world to why their best friend, intuition is wrong. In the end intuition was right and your left with a broken heart.

If you have been on the dating merry-go-round a time or two or 20 you may have become discouraged or worse yet insecure about your own ability to judge relationships. You start questioning yourself and your choices which makes dating even more challenging.  Listening to your intuition is a great way to start building your dating choice confidence.

Intuition will be sure to let you know when your making poor choices for yourself and it is sure to let you know if it thinks you are making great choices for yourself. It is simply up to you to listen!

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