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Stop having that inner voice monologue that goes something like this “My hair! I just can’t do anything with it!” or Importance of image in dating. “I just don’t know what to wear,” or worse yet, the ultimate dater’s kiss of death… “I have looked this way for years, why should I change now?  I want someone to like me for me?” It is time to stop having that inner voice monologue!

Yes, yes I want you comfortable in your own skin however I also want you to look and feel the very best you can at the same time.  Lets face it when you are dating looks and confidence matter. Right or wrong, good or bad they are two of the strongest elements of attraction. In seconds we determine if someone is confident or not and if they are out life or have given up. We make judgments about how much energy and stability someone has and how much they care about themselves based on how they look and carry themselves.

Your appearance and exterior image is a silent marketing message as big as a lit up billboard. Each and every day it is sending messages out to those you meet and plays a vital role in your dating life.  My questions to you are, what does your marketing message say about you? Is it what you want it to say? If not, then this FREE Image Revitalization can be a dating, game changer for you.

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How this works:

  • You fill out the application, including uploading a recent (taken within the last 6 months) full body (or as close to it) picture of yourself
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  • You wait to hear from me
  • It’s that simple!

Then What?

Each applicant will receive an email letting them know their application has been received. I will start corresponding with applicants via email, followed by phone interviews, and then I will select finalist to meet in person. From there one luck male and one lucky female will be chosen to receive my FREE Image Revitalization Coaching.

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