8 Tips to Successful New Years Resolutions for Singles Looking for Love in 2011

As we end 2010, we head into the time of year where you hear a lot of talk about New Year Resolutions for 2011. Often times you hear your friends, family members, and co-workers speaking of the new years resolutions they have set for their careers, finances and of their health. As a dating coach I often times hear two very common new years resolutions about the dating lives of singles.  There are the people that have forsaken the opposite sex all together for the next year and then there are the Jane and James Bond of the single world that have made their new years resolution to be a mission of finding the love of their life.

The holidays can be very hard one single men and women. Many hope to spend this special time of the year with someone they care about. If for some reason they do not find this person prior to the holidays, it can take a toll on their hearts as they start making their plans for the new year. If you are one of these single people then I would like to encourage you to stay positive and to not be discouraged. I know that can be hard at times but having a positive attitude is half the battle to attracting the relationship you desire.  Having a solid new years resolution plan to follow will also help you on your journey. The list below contains my favorite elements of a new years resolution for singles looking to live a happy, healthy single life.

When putting together your new years resolutions you should:

1) Ask yourself what worked for you this past year and what you enjoyed most about being single? You should be sure to include more of these activities  in your plan for the next year.

2) You should evaluate what you did not like about this year about being single? You should also evaluate what activities you did not enjoy and why?

3) You should be sincere in evaluating what actions or lack there of are holding you back from finding the type of relationship you desire. Then come up with ways that are going to allow you to grow and develop past these actions.

4) You should evaluate what type of relationship it is that you truly desire. Where are you at in life and what type of relationship can you truly be engage in? Once you know the answers to these then you are able to move forward better.

5) Are there any adjustments that you need to make to your style, attitude, or lifestyle? Yes, you should be true to yourself but I have had many clients that have come to me that needed some improvement in one or more of these areas. As they made these improvements, their confidence rose and they started to have the single life they desired.

6) Make a list of the various outlets that exist for you to engage that will allow you to be exposed to other singles. If you are not present where singles are how can you meet them?  Part of your new years resolution should be setting a goal to be engaging these groups. Maybe it is updating your online profile and committing to sending out three emails a week to members on a site. If  you are better in person then engage groups with  events. Plan out how many group events a week or month you are going to commit yourself to attend.

7) You should set up a support system that is going to help you along this journey. You could speak to a friend or you could hire a dating coach like myself. I have had several male and female friends that have hired me and gone through their coaching together. They enjoyed this because not only did they both have the advantage of being coached but they also had the additional support of one another.

8) Write out your new years resolution for your dating life as you would a business plan. You are planning to successfully find a relationship and this is no different then if it were a business. It is the business of your personal life and it is just as important if not more so than your business life.  Be sure to track your efforts and progress as well as making sure to build in time to assess and re-evaluate your progress.

When you think of new years resolutions you usually are seeking to achieve something that you desire to achieve. In order to do this you need to be clear about what it is you desire to achieve in order to be successful. Then you need to be committed to taking action to achieve that goal followed by accountability. If you are not seeing success in the action plan you made at the beginning of the year, then you need to re-evaluate your efforts and adjust.  I am repeating this because like anything else in your life that you desire to achieve, dating is no different. If follow the above steps you will be starting your year out on a very good foundation.

I am curious to know your new years resolutions for your dating life. Please share them below:

What changes are you going to make to your dating life in 2011?  What did you like the most about being single in 2010? What venue or outlet was your favorite to finding quality people to ask out on a date this past year?

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