6 Conversation Exit Strategies to Use in a Social Setting

6 Conversation Exit Strategies to Use in a Social Setting

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Often times people allow various fears to stop them from entering into conversations with strangers. One of those fears is not knowing how to exit a conversation with someone they are not feeling a spark with.

The key to these strategies is to avoid over-thinking them. Choose your strategy, execute it, shake the person’s hand, and move on.

Use a Panelist as Your Exit Strategy

If you are at an event like the Great Love Debate say something like this, “Forgive me, I see Kimberly Koehler from the show. I want to ask her a question. It was nice speaking with you.”

Use Your Drink as Your Exit Strategy 

This strategy has a couple options. You can excuse yourself to get a refill or to order something different. You also can simply share that you are going to excuse yourself to get a glass of water.

Use The Service as Your Exit Strategy 

Using the need to ask a question of the server is an excellent exit strategy. There are a lot of different directions you can take this. You can share you wish to get a menu, ask about drinks or food, place an order, ask about the order placed, or ask about the bill.

Use The Restroom as Your Exit Strategy

This is the oldest one out there. Simply excuse yourself to use the restroom.

Invite Other People Into the Conversation

This is a great way to exit a conversation. If you get another person into the conversation it may allow you to exit the conversation quietly by simply slipping away. You may also use this conversation exit strategy alone or in combination with one of the strategies above. So for example, you would invite someone into the conversation and as they start talking to one another then excuse yourself to find the restroom or to talk to the server.

Tell Them You Want To Talk To Others

Share that you have come to the event to socialize and meet a variety of people. Let them know you enjoyed meeting them and that you are going to excuse yourself so you can continue to connect with others before they leave. Bid them a good night and if you would like to leave the door open then let them know you will circle back in a bit.

The key to all these conversation exit strategies is that you can’t use them if you don’t get into conversations with people. Now you have several ways to exit a conversation, and one less excuse for not engaging with people!

Remember You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

When you are single it often times feels like you are alone but I assure you, you are not. If you feel like you are please reach out to me. You can email or call me – I am here for you.

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