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Are you hearing voices? What do they say?

There is a voice that exists in each and everyone of us. This voice when we truly listen to it does not lead us astray.  However if you ask any man or women about their past dating life you will hear stories of them deliberately ignoring this

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Smile your way into a conversation

I am often asked by single men and women what is the best way to start a conversation with someone they don’t know. The long and short of it is a nice confident smile. Both men and women pay attention to facial expressions. A confident smile can

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The beautiful you, lets make you shine!

High quality dating profile pictures are a critical part of your online dating profile. This is a fact! We want to make sure your sitting with us goes the best it can. Our goal – to make YOU SHINE! Here are some tips to make sure you

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Dating Advice: Stop the Kiss of Death of Nagging

Nag, nag, nag! O my gosh all she does is Nag!  I can’t do anything right, I am not good enough, and when will she stop! Nagging can be such a destructive path in a relationship. Sadly it often comes out of the desire to be heard,

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Dating Advice Question: When Should I Ask to Call?

Dating Advice Questions: At what point should I ask to call, or should I wait for her to ask, respecting the fact that the internet can be a scary place to meet people? – JS Dating Advice – Strait Talk from Coach Kimberly JS, thank you for

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